The Right Attitude to Pain and Suffering

Suffering is one of the best teachers. To have pain and feel it, is the source of learning. Through sensitively observing the pattern of our pain and suffering, we can learn to understand ourselves.

Frustration and suffering leads to a deep understanding of ourselves, to self-realisation. If we want to understand ourselves, there is no way to escape pain except by going though it and beyond it.

Suffering is a positive experience because it gives us the opportunity to transform our emotions and bring us closer to liberation.

Because our power of self-observation is not well developed, we are often blind to our suffering and we cannot learn any meaningful lessons from our sorrow, frustration or life crisis. It is therefore necessary to look inwardly to discover the subtleties of our present experiences.

Human life is an opportunity to learn and grow. We have lessons to learn and develop our wisdom. All the difficulties we are going through are very meaningful if we have the right attitude and proper perspective.

Life would be superficial and boring if there were no hardship. Do not think all difficulties are meaningless, we cannot go around them, we must go through them.

Suffer, learn and grow. If we do not learn deeply we must come back to learn from our mistakes again and again.

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