Guide to Sharing

It is important for our recovery to know that we can share without fear of interruption, contradiction or criticism. We do not judge, offer advice, or comment on what people say, even if the comment is positive; this is feedback. Also, we do not interrupt another or engage in discussion; this is crosstalk.

Crosstalk and feedback are strongly discouraged in LSA.

When sharing we use ‘l’ statements and avoid using the words ‘you’, ‘we’, or ‘one’, or addressing someone by name. We are here to talk about our own lives and experiences only and sharing in this way encourages us to take responsibility for our own issues and can prove to be empowering.

If you are a newcomer, it is suggested that you attend six LSA meetings to see if LSA is right for you. It is also suggested that when listening to people sharing you look for the similarities and not the differences.

LSA is an anonymous programme and we ask that you respect the anonymity and confidentiality of each person in this meeting. A break of anonymity would include identifying other people by name, mentioning professions, religion, politics and other fellowships by name. Please leave these outside the door to enable us to focus on our co-dependent issues.

WHO you see here
WHAT is said here
WHEN you leave here

Anyone in the meeting may make you are aware if you are breaking anonymity.

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