The Promises of Underearners Anonymous

We learn in Twelve Step recovery that personal understanding of the events from our past avails us nothing. In other words, the causes we have come to believe or accept for our underearning are not going to help us to change our lives. As we work with others in the program we learn to release our past and to focus on today and on the future – on our action steps and on our vision.

We begin to accept ourselves with compassion and to believe that we deserve greater fulfillment and a more prosperous life.

As a result of working all aspects of the program an expanded vision of our lives begins to emerge. We begin to know ourselves better and think about using our true talents. We allow ourselves to want more out of life and we become willing to take the necessary action to achieve it.

As a result we are also able to give more to others and to our communities, contributing to something larger than ourselves. It has been said that we cannot solve our problems with the same consciousness that created them.

Through working the Steps, using the Tools, and giving Service, a shift in our consciousness occurs. We experience more gratitude, greater peace of mind and acceptance of ourselves. It is as if we have awakened from a deep sleep to a new life more fully realised and expressed.